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PLEASE NOTE: The Royal Thai Consulate Hobart is not currently accepting Visa Applications. For all inquiries, please contact The Royal Thai Embassy.

Instructions on how to complete your Thailand Visa Application – please read carefully

  • One application form must be fully completed and submitted together with a valid passport (not less than 6 months validity) and two passport-sized photos noting they must have full face view of the person and not wearing a hat. A printout of, or Photocopy is not acceptable

Please Note : Nationals of some countries are exempted from obtaining a tourist visa provided that their period of stay in Thailand does not exceed 30 days (including the days of arrival and departure) and hold confirmation of outbound tickets prior to entry, within that 30 days.

Nationals of some countries may apply for a 15 day tourist visa upon arrival. The list of these countries is shown on

  • Persons without a confirmed outbound airline ticket must have a visa.

Please note : these exemptions do not apply to visitors from any countries entering Thailand by land, rail, sea or private aircraft, or who are visiting for business, professional or other non-tourism purposes.

  • Nationals of Communist, Socialist and some Middle East countries must have a transit visa and are required to submit four photographs, four applications forms and evidence of confirmed flights into and out of Thailand. The applicants must hold a Permanent Resident Visa for Australia. The list of these countries is shown on
  • Holders of Certificates of Identity issued by any country require a visa irrespective of the length of stay. They must also be in possession of confirmed inbound and outbound airline tickets, which must be evidenced at the Consulate upon visa application. Four photographs and four application forms are required.
  • Type of visa (Fees as at 01 September 2019 and subject to change without notice)

a) TOURIST VISA $60 per entry ($300 for a multiple entry Visa)

  • Enables a 60-day stay in Thailand (employment, paid or unpaid, is strictly prohibited)

b) NON-IMMIGRANT VISA $120 for single entry

  • Enables a 90-day stay. For business, professional education or other non-tourism purposes. A letter from employer, copy of the company’s registration certified by authorized director(s). Or a letter from educational institute must be submitted. For Non- Immigrant Visa (Business Visa for Teacher and Volunteer Teacher), the applicants must provide a National Police Certificate or a current Blue Card.

c) TRANSIT VISA $50 per entry ($100 for a multiple entry Visa)

  • For transit exceeding 12 hours but not more than 7 days in the Kingdom. For issue to certain nationals only; see paragraph 3 above.

Please note that additional documentation may be required at the discretion of the Consular Officer. The period of stay depends on type of visa and discretion of Immigration Officer upon arrival. An extension of stay may be applied with Immigration Office in Thailand. Please visit Thai Immigration website at for more information.

  • A one-entry visa must be utilized within 3 months from the date of issue of the visa. A double entry visa must be utilised within 6 months from the date of issue of the visa. A multiple entry visa must be utilized within one year.

For mail applications your application must be accompanied by Cash or a Post Office Money Order – cheques or credit cards are not accepted.  Payment by Post Office Money Order must be made out to:


A prepaid self-addressed Post Office Express or Registered Post envelope for the return of passport must be provided, or a Prepaid Courier Bag if preferred.

Please ensure that sufficient prepayment is made to enable your passport returned without delay. If a return envelope is not provided, or insufficient postage is not prepaid, the applicant must collect the passport at the Consul Office Hobart.

Personal visa applications can be made at the Consulate between 09:00 – 17:00 hours daily Monday to Friday (Thai and Australian public holiday excepted)

  • The passport must be valid for not less than 6 months from the date of arrival into Thailand