1. I am an Australian citizen travelling to Thailand for a one week business trip/conference – do I need a visa?
    Yes, everyone travelling to Thailand for business or to attend a conference requires a Business Visa. Please refer to the Business Visa Thailand section for more information.
  2. My family and I are planing a 10-day holiday in Phuket,  Thailand. We have Australian passports, do we need a visa?
    Australian Passport holders can stay in Thailand as a tourist without a visa up to 30 days if entering by aircraft OR 15 days if entering over land through a border check point. This visa exemption only applies to persons with a confirmed airline ticket to leave Thailand, and at least 6 months passport validity. Please refer to the Visa Exemption section for more information.
  3. My passport expires in 4 months, am I able to enter Thailand with only 4 months validity left?
    No, ALL passports require a minimum of 6-month validity remaining from the date of entry into Thailand – no exceptions.
  4. What are your methods of payment at the consulate?
    We accept a Post Office Money Order or Cash only. Please make out payments to ‘Royal Thai Consulate General Tasmania’.
    We do not have EFTPOS or credit card facilities; we don’t accept personal, bank or business cheques.
  5. How long does it take to process a visa in Tasmania?
    Visa processing varies depending on a range of factors, including the type of visa and whether the visa application is complete when lodged.
  6. Do you only accept applications from persons who live in Tasmania?
    No, we are able to process visas from persons living in any state or territory of Australia.
  7. Do I need to leave my passport at the Royal Thai Consulate General Tasmania?
    Yes, your original passport is required to be submitted at the time of application as the visa is inserted into your passport.
  8. How do I get my passport mailed back to me?
    When posting applications to the Royal Thai Consulate General Tasmania, registered postal applications only are accepted.
    Please include, in addition to the application requirements, a self addressed registered envelope in which the visa can be posted back to the applicant (make sure you do not tear off the slip on the envelope to be posted back to you).

Please note: the Thai Consulate General Hobart Tasmania does not take responsibility for any lost post.

  1. What vaccinations do I need before travelling to Thailand?
    There is no legal requirement to have any specific vaccinations. It is, however, advisable for all travellers to consider being immunised against Typhoid, and Malaria (especially if travelling in Northern Thailand). These immunisations can be attained from your general practitioner . Please consult your local GP for further information.
  2. What medications can I take into Thailand?
    It is advisable that you contact the Thai Embassy in Canberra for specific information on issues related to medications.
  3. I have a Thai child, who needs to make/renew their Thai passport, do I need to go with them to make it?
    If a Thai passport applicant is under the age of 20, they require their parents to accompany them for the process. If a parent is unable to attend, a Letter of Consent needs to be completed in person at their nearest Thai Consulate, with the passport of the parent consenting. Please refer to the Consular Services section.
  4. Are you able to assist with Thai persons wishing to travel back with me to Australia?
    No, you need to contact Australia Immigration as they may require an Australian Visa. Australian Immigration may be contacted on 131-881 or via their website – http://www.immi.gov.au